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Current kit includes Red front' aluminium standoffs for bettter line of sight orientation - (not really - they sent us red instead of black - looks better actually)


Introducing the Zippa 250 Atail
A mini quad with an atail design that is so light and quick we think this will be your new favourite frame!

The frame can be put together just as an acro frame with a limited weight setup ready for flipping

Or as an FPV ready racer

(Images are just sample setup only - see kit description below to see what is included)


Wooden arms
Carbon fibre main plate and link plate
Built in ‘weak link' crash protection
Light weight
Easy line of sight orientation
“A” tail for fast yaw response

How is it different?
The main difference between this and other carbon frames of this size is that the arms are not held in a full double sandwich.  They’re only attached on one face, and even then they’re only held on with cable ties.
This is a really important design feature which means that you can move the arm in any direction (up, down, in, out, left, right) in a crash, and the worst thing that happens is that the cable ties break.

So why the wooden arms?
Well, we tried carbon fibre arms, and they broke.  We used several different methods of construction, and every single one of them eventually broke in a hard enough crash.  Our original prototypes were wooden and didn’t break, so we started making arms out of Tasmanian Oak and haven’t looked back since.

“A” tail?
Yes, because it gives you really good yaw response, with easier packaging than a V tail.  

Notes from the designer:
I had been building larger A tails for a while, and wanted to try out a mini version so ended up designing the Zippa.  
It turned out so well that I thought that everyone should have the chance to own one of these.  They are just so much fun to fly, and you are never seriously worried about crashing it.  I have pummelled this thing into the ground many times, and it just breaks cable ties which means that I’m usually back in the air within 5 minutes. 
This also means that I’m not scared to try silly stuff, which is the best way for me to learn and progress.


What you get in the kit:

Carbon fiber main plate
Carbon fiber brace plate
Wooden arms (nature's carbon fiber) milled and stained black
HQ aluminium standoffs for the front
Power distribution board and xt60 connector
Bolts and Zip ties to connect with either bolts or zip ties
Flight controller standoff combination to suit most setups
Fpv top plate - carbon fiber
Acro protector plate - carbon fiber

Follow the build log on RcGroups for tips and build photo's

3d Print files by ixlix : )

Recomended components:

1806 2300kv motors
Flip32 Acro Flight Controller / Naze32
Rctimer SN20 ESC / SN16,/ bl20/ Buzz BLheli 12a / Bearhug 1.3 18a
1300mah battery 3s
5x4 Hq props - (6x45 are also great but suggest esc's with damped lite mode)



Sample builds


We realize that the zip tie method to secure the frame and motors is not for everyone - but once you try it and see how quick, easy and cheap it is to repair you will wonder why you havent been using them all along.
Made in Australia in the Buzz Hobbies Workshop

The wood is tasmaniam oak, a natural material and as with all natural materials some may be weaker than others, but we havent broken a wooden arm in all the flying or crashing we have done.
We broke heaps of carbon tubes in the prototyping phase, but the wooden arms really won out in the end.


(Images show a prototype 4in1 esc that will be available soon from Buzz Hobbies - just need some final adjustments before we approve production)

Some footage from Bird Of Prey putting the zippa to the test in some line of sight acro : )





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