Silicone wire - 1m length[black 14awg]

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Silicone Wire for all your modeling needs
Various colours available all pre cut to 1m lengths

Soft, flexible and high temperature rated.

Which wire should i choose ?
Atricle By Oscar Liang

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Flexibility without limitations

31 March 2017
It's the final lap and your right up the clacker of the winning position, in the 7 second lap course you're on any mistake can cost you the race. You've take all precautions prior to the event, screws tight [check], all solder joins clean [check], countless hours of tuning and final set up [check]. It's full rotors ahead and you can see the final gate, you give it all you got but still cant catch up? The battery still has good voltage and it's a new graphene, the revolt is responding perfectly but you don't have that final punch to give you the edge you need. Then suddenly the race is over and you're not No.1 You pick up your quad and check all is in order & working correctly. But then you realise your esc power wires are as thin as grandmas dodgy old chicken coop wire that could never contain the mighty rooster, & like that rooster if you only had a thicker more reliable wire it wouldn't have flown the coop! It doesn't matter if your win by an inch or a mile, winnings winning! Don't let this happen to you, get buzz hobbies silicone wire today & get that extra advantage because you know, you can't loose again.

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