Revo Flight controller F4 Acro - Pin Header

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Same great board capable of running 8k/8k/8k in betaflight but changed layout and replaced the sh connectors with Pinheaders
Based on feedback how some people don't like the sh connectors

Board only - pins not included


  • -Uses the cc3d revolution Target vanilla default.  -updated instantaneously with new releases.
  • Stable SPI MPU-6000 Gyro 
  • All through hole pin header Design  -no Sh connectors 
  • direct Lipo input :1.5A  Built-in onboard regulator - NO BEC needed. connect direct to a Lipo to power the board and Rx.
  • RaceFlight or Betaflight support on an STM32 F4 with a SPI based MPU6000 gyro - low noise gyro will not force one to soft-mount the fc
  • Boot - DFU button . ready to be Pressed 
  • Balckbox support - Max 16mb for data logging
  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders) . 6PWM output (Pinheaders)
  • Spektrum satellite port for direct connection -  setup radio via USB power, woot woot!
  • STM32 F405 MCU
  • LED strip Port
  • Buzzer Port  (v2 buzzer port. working great in BF)
  • Flashed tested and Ready to Fly after setup
  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm

To get sbus working turn off data on uart 1 and enable serial rx

F4 flight controllers only tend to have one hardware serial port inversion & unlike the F3 flight controllers the inversion can't be done in software, in frsky telemetry the telemetry needs inversion so a hardware mod to the receiver is required.  
F4 is cutting edge at the moment, so if this scares you we suggest possibly the F3 Omnibus Pro where there is a simpler setup process.

Frsky Telemetry inversion mod




Download latest firmware here : grab the revo_bb target

Newest Latest RaceFlight Configurator ( do not use one from chome web store, it is out of date  :


 *RaceFlight please connect Buzzer to labeled "RSSI" port. These port are swapped in the firmware, but are working . Buzzer should be connected to Rssi Port, no code changed need, the printing on the board from the RF and BF are not the same. 


RaceFlight has the standard modes, Arm, Angle, Horizon, Beeper, and Failsafe.  There are other modes though that really help drive performance. Some modes have sweet names like Skitzo and BrainDrain (yes these modes are named after the pilots). There are also modes that are named for what they are. Below is a full list of modes minus the standards modes already mentioned.


Pro Smooth modes, BrainDrain, Skitzo, Landing, Delete Flash, LED On, LED Change Program, LED Change Color, BlackBox


some of the modes are self explanatory, like Delete Flash, BlackBox, Landing, etc. We’re going to focus on the 3 modes that help drive performance; Pro Smooth mode, BrainDrain mode, and Skitzo mode.


Skitzo Mode – Skitzo mode is unique. It essentially increases the resolution of your stick inputs into the flight controller. With Skitzo mode enabled, this resolution increase is supposed to be unlimited. This translates to smoother flight in air and allows you to make finer in flight adjustments. Leave it on all the time, it feels amazing!


BrainDrain Mode – BrainDrain mode gives you a sharper stick feel. This isn’t the same as resolutions though. This translates more towards your rates responsiveness. It’s really good for racing when you need that super sharp stick feel on the sharp 180s for example. Having this enabled is great, but it may require some additional tuning. This is because with the sharpness increase, prop-wash can be more noticeable.


Pro Smooth Mode – Pro smooth mode smooths your transitions. It’s most useful when you’re trying to get that absolutely stunning video of your freestyle flight. When you make stick transitions, pro smooth literally smooths them out so they’re not as jerky. You can really notice it when watching the HD video as it just makes things look smooth. You can use this in case you’re not as smooth on the sticks as Skitzo.


RaceFlight also has some cool built in witchcraftfeatures that you can take advantage of and tweak! One such feature is called “witchcraft.” Witchcraft smooths Kd over time. Kd is Derivative in your PID controller. This helps take care of bad data and smooths the data over the course of tiny milliseconds. It comes set to a default of 16 right now, but 32 is a good number to get you started It’s something you can play and tweak to your liking.


 Raceflight is a latest flight controller firmware. By taking advantage of the processing power of F4 flight controllers, it’s able to run at 8kHz and brings the looptime down to 125 (uS). MultiShot ESC protocol which is 10 times faster than Oneshot125, 80 times faster than standard PWM signal



Works Perfect with RACEFLIGHT - PRE LOADED WITH RACEFIGHT Or BetaFlight 3.0!



Uses the same target and feature of the CC3D OpenPilot revolution but with more feature.

Board only - Pins not included in this kit.


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Awesome flight controller

20 August 2017
This flight controller is amazing its so easy to set up and works really well on default settings. One of my favorite boards to use.

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