Brushed Tri Props

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Small tri props for brushed motors - suited for 7mm and 8.5mm brushed motors
White and Black in each rotation

2 x cw
2 x ccw


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Great for indoor flying, good for outdoor flying.

14 April 2017
These props are great for indoor flying as they lower the amount of thrust your motors generate, as well as making the quad almost silent. They are quite flimsy, but that is absolutely not a problem when flying. Perhaps it makes them more durable? I've flown about 40 minutes with them and have yet to damage a single one in about 4 or 5 crashes. They are a bit on the small side, and that most likely contributes to the drop in thrust, but the motors do get warmer spinning these instead of the traditional dual blade props. I recommend these, as they are good value and fly very nicely. I run them on the 8520 Brushed motors sold on this site, too.

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